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Eat Clean Feel Better

Allie Marcus, your Wellness Coach helping you to Eat Clean and Feel Better
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Get Started Right.

You’ve tried programs before without seeing the results you wanted, counting points and restraining yourself from eating your favorite foods. Allie Marcus specializes in training you how to make healthy choices through lifestyle shifts, to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Make The Right Choices

Let Allie guide you toward the healthy lifestyle that you deserve. Understand what your body needs and how to nourish it.

Supportive Coaching

Get personalized service and customized wellness coaching from a certified nutritionist with over 16 years experience.

Learn Food Freedom

Learn how to make healthy life choices to not only lose the weight but to help you keep it off with less struggle or feelings of restriction.

Start feeling better.

Get started with a free 15-minute consultation with Allie Marcus. She’ll quickly identify problem areas for you to start working on to get you started on the path to a healthier life.

Eat Clean, Feel Better Program

This is a 12 session program to help educate you on the fundamentals of making healthy lifestyle choices. Working one-on-one with Allie Marcus, you will learn how to take control of your nutrition and get what your body needs. Start losing weight as a side effect of living well, rather than as the focus of your life.

You Feel…

Like there must be an easier way to control your weight than counting calories and points.

You’ve Tried…

Making small adjustments to your lifestyle, like taking the stairs or eating carrot sticks rather than chips. But nothing sticks.

You Want…

To feel like you’re in control of your body and your lifestyle. You don’t want to feel sluggish or sore anymore.

You Can…

Achieve your wellness goals. You just need someone to help you along the way, to educate you HOW to make better choices for your body.

I have been so lucky to have Allison as a mentor and health and weight loss coach. Without judgment, she guided me, advised me and helped me reach my goals. Not an easy thing to do since we live on opposite coasts. But through emails, FaceTime, and texts, she did just that. I highly recommend Allie for your life coaching! Valerie Katz

Current Coaching Client

As I got older, weight managed to sneak up on me in a way it never did when I was younger.  And that apparently, starts with the mind. THAT is where Allie Marcus is absolutely brilliant. My husband and I did her program together.  Together, he and I dropped about 18 pounds in the last month for an event coming up we desperately wanted to look good for. We did it in a healthy, happy way too. All I can say is, I thank Allie for that.  Sue Willett

Current Coaching Client

“Allie’s combination of practical advice on shopping for food and providing positive and encouraging accountability (reporting to her on what I was eating and how I was exercising on a daily basis) helped me lose 20 lbs. and lower my blood pressure to the point where my doctor said I no longer needed medication.” Phil Reznik

Previous Coaching Client