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Weight Loss Coach

Allie Marcus works one-on-one with you to craft a wellness plan that fits with YOUR lifestyle.


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Pantry Cleanout & Nutrition Session

This single session is designed to make cleaning out your pantry quick and easy. Allie will instruct you on how to read labels and understand how to nourish your body while cleaning out your pantry items that do not support your healthy lifestyle.

Available in-person or Online

Custom Meal Guideline

This single session will help identify problem areas that you are running into that keep you from losing weight. Allie will ask you about your lifestyle, your triggers and your fitness level, and create a custom meal guideline for you to follow to achieve your short-term lifestyle goals.

Available in-person or Online

Social & Holiday Meal Strategy

This single session is designed to help you plan for social gatherings, holidays and vacations. As a weak spot for many people, planning around a large group of people can be hard for those making healthy lifestyle choices. This session will provide you with guidelines and a customized plan to keep on track.

Available in-person or Online

Eat Clean, Feel Better Program

This is a 12 session program to help educate you on the fundamentals of making healthy lifestyle choices. Working one-on-one with Allie Marcus, you will learn how to take control of your nutrition and get what your body needs. Start losing weight as a side effect of living well, rather than as the focus of your life.

You Feel…

Like there must be an easier way to lose weight than counting calories and points.

You’ve Tried…

Making small adjustments to your lifestyle, like taking the stairs or eating carrot sticks rather than chips. But nothing sticks.

You Want…

To feel like you’re in control of your body and your lifestyle. You don’t want to feel sluggish or sore anymore.

You Can…

Achieve your wellness goals. You just need someone to help you along the way, to educate you HOW to make better choices for your body.

Allie Marcus did wonders for my health and wellness. Besides helping to drastically lower my blood pressure, and helping me lose weight, she gave me vital tips, that will help keep my weight at a healthy level, into the future. Allie taught me to journal, she taught me gratitude and she showed me the right foods to eat. Most importantly, though, the way she went about it was great. She held me accountable, without treating me like a child. I loved working with her. She has a lovely personality and she’s a good person. I highly recommend her as a nutritionist.

David Miller

Previous Coaching Client

Allie is so good at what she does. I’ve tried doing this without her and gotten decidedly mediocre results. It’s not a lack of will power either, for me. What I needed was her expertise at balancing and choosing food and portions. The proof? Eleven pounds lost in 4 weeks! She’s the bomb!

Mark Ryan

Previous Coaching Client

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